I will be adding additional little videos once i familiarize myself in learning how to use the video portion of my iphone. Bear with me !  JERRY TRESSER 
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This first video relates to the application of the gesso on a circle. I use a ruling pen or a pointed nib, preferably a pointed quill (feather) never a brush unless absolutely necessary. The reason being as good as some brushes are, the hair follicles can trap air bubbles which will transfer to the gesso.  These air pockets upon examination really leave a mini hole in the gesso that goes to the bottom of the gesso from the surface.  There are things we can do, to get rid of these air pockets, but the best remedy is to use a better suited tool.   
Secondly, we always work from the inside out. Most importantly, the gesso, regardless if its Cennini's original recipe or the Liquid Gesso that i developed, both will begin to dry in 9 secondsThe object is to keep the gesso wet and continue to feed the gesso by capillary action . Once the gesso has covered the area of interest, all you need to do is FEED IT more gesso and it will spread out. Thats the beauty of PUDDLING.